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The Bangkok Photo School Beginner's Package is a series of three, weekly evening classes and a field-trip, carefully compiled to give photographers the skills necessary to create engaging, well-exposed and beautifully-composed photographs.

"Our aim is to educate, encourage and inspire."

Starting with the basics, we cover all the essential technical aspects of the camera. Our aim is to demystify your camera gear, allowing you to move away from the Auto setting and to take full control of the camera's various settings.

Bangkok Photo School Classes

Beginner's Photography Package

Week One "The Basics"

Including lessons on Apertures, Shutter Speeds, ISO, Focussing Control and a guided tour of your camera equipment, introducing you to all the important camera controls.

Week Two "Creative Control"

How to regain control of the camera, exposure control, compositional guides and an introduction to the art of visual storytelling.


An opportunity to put the things we've learned in the classroom into practice with a tutor-led photo shoot in a photogenic part of Bangkok with guided exercises and storytelling advice.

Week Three "The Creative Photographer"

Putting all your new skills together with advice on lens choice, focal lengths, creative composition, a review and professional critique of your field-trip images with suggestions for future projects.

Learn by example

During classes, we look at real-world examples of successful images from past masters, including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastião Salgado, Elliot Erwitt, Martin Parr, James Nachtwey, Don McCullin and many more. Using these examples, we deconstruct images, learning how successful photographers have created their work.Classes combine technical and practical exercises and students are encouraged to use their cameras during the class and in weekly homework assignments.


The course fee is 9000 THB and includes all three classes and the practical field trip.

Bangkok Photo School

Professional Tutor

JJ Michael is one of those rare photographers who can successfully combine his creative aspirations with a mastery of the technical aspects of photography. When you realise that JJ also teaches High School mathematics, it becomes clear… teaching algebra and geometry to teenagers all day gives JJ the technical skills to answer the questions posed by even the most demanding photographer. Ask JJ what the “Hyperfocal Distance” is for your new lens and he’ll whip out a slide-rule and quote you the formula.However, somewhat uniquely, JJ combines his technical mastery with a creative ability that offers proof that his right and left brain hemispheres are working in perfect harmony. His first experience of photography came in a High School darkroom, where he began printing black and white images and inhaling rather too many chemical fixing fumes. He continues to shoot black and white and his portfolio contains a diverse collection of images from around South East Asia.

JJ Michael

Bangkok Photo School

JJ has lived in Thailand for thirteen years and continues to enjoy the daily challenge of motivating teenagers – so much so that he also runs the after-school photography club. He is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher who relishes a challenge.JJ leads our Beginner's classes, which include an on-location field-trip, as well as private workshops around Bangkok.See more of JJ's work on his website.

About the Bangkok Photo School

Bangkok Photo School

Since 2008, we've been introducing keen photographers to the skills and techniques required to make engaging, memorable photographs.From absolute beginners to seasoned professionals, through classroom sessions, practical workshops and on-location expeditions, our aim is to provide you with the tools you need to allow your photography to flourish.Our lessons are based on our experience and we aim to provide you with practical skills, much more than content that you could learn from a book. Our classes and workshops are hands-on. We believe that the most effective way to learn is by doing, not watching.Our Bangkok photography tutors are experienced and knowledgeable and keen to share their years of experience and expertise. We take great pride in our 100% satisfaction rate and enjoy seeing the wonderful images that our students create during and after their classes. Many of our students have gone on to work as full-time or part-time professional photographers.The Bangkok Photo School was co-founded in 2008, since when hundreds of students have taken classes and attended workshops with the School. Take a moment to read some of their encouraging and positive feedback comments on our Testimonial page.No matter what your photographic experience, we look forward to welcoming you to the Bangkok Photo School.

Bangkok Photo School


Here are just a few of the encouraging comments that we have received from students of the Bangkok Photo School:"I found it all instructive and inspirational."
"I cannot recommend the experience highly enough."
"I finally feel that I am grasping the concept of through the “photographer’s eye” and adapting my view towards this. You did a great job. Well done."
"I truly learned so much and I am more comfortable than ever using my camera. You are an inspiration."
"You have turned me into a thinking photographer. It has really helped me improve my photos. I have loved the ten weeks and will miss Monday nights. You both created a really friendly atmosphere to learn in and were very approachable… I have learned so much and would certainly recommend the course to others. It was a great ten weeks!"
"You made us all feel welcome and you have very clear and visual ways of explaining things. Fantastic field-trip. Even though we were in a group, I had enough one-to-one time with Jackie and Gavin. Great location. You obviously know it well."
"I loved the field-trip, the advice was friendly and supportive without being in the least bit superior. I feel that I know my camera so much better and I am trying out new ideas every weekend. I felt entirely comfortable asking questions and making comments. All sessions were excellent. I would be happy to recommend this course to others, let me know when you are planning another."
"An excellent field-trip, a great experience and a great location."
"Excellent course! Good balance of theory and exercises. Surely has increased my ability to take better pictures. Has given me an eye to spot good photo compositions."
"I enjoyed the course a lot and really like your approach. I am happy to know, finally, what my camera can do."
"The complete series was successful in demystifying those knobs, buttons and settings on my camera. I definitely have a new set of skills"
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned some new techniques which have improved my photography. I look forward to future courses and will definitely recommend the course to others."

Bangkok Photo School

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